Cancellation and Refund

If you buy any product from here and the complete delivery is not done, then in the meantime you can cancel that product and order another product or you can register your request for the amount,

If the product ordered by you has already been delivered to you, then you are not eligible for a return or refund, however, if your product is delivered to you and there is some problem with that product, then you can get this problem solved by contacting us. Maybe if it is still not correct then we are ready to refund the amount given by you,

If on ordering a product, your amount is deducted from your bank or wallet and that product is canceled, your money will be credited to your bank, pay attention here if your money is not returned immediately then within 5-7 working days Inside will be deposited in your bank, in this, you don’t have to worry, your money will be absolutely safe, and you can also contact us for this.

If you face this kind of problem then we are always ready to solve your problem.
For this visit the contact us page on our website, all the ways to contact us are available.